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passkit-0.1, © Tony Howat [23 Jan 2004]

Syntax : pgen
         cryptpass <password>

passkit consists of two simple tools.
1) pgen generates a random password, using the UNIX dictionary to
   source a vaguely English (and hence hopefully memorable) sequence
   of letters followed by two digits - i.e. reverer79, masonis63 etc.
2) pcrypt is a simple interface to the UNIX crypt function, which
   takes a password and puts it through crypt ready to be passed to
The two programs are supplied as straight C source with a makefile
and should compile fine on most unicies. The one issue between
platforms is the location of the dictionary. The default is
"/usr/share/dict/words" which is correct for RedHat. Just alter the
string in pgen.c to the location of your dictionary before building.
Linux x86 binaries are included.
Tony Howat

Get it here (8k tar.gz file including source and Linux x86 compiled version)

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