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Quincy remains unconvinced as to the quality of these downloads.

WinCE Unix
  • passkit - a simple password generator for UNIX written in C which uses the dictionary to generate reasonably secure but usually memorable default passwords. Also includes simple crypt tool so these passwords can be fed into /usr/sbin/useradd. [download source and Linux x86 binary] [info]
  • dhcptabtocsv - Feed a Netware generated DHCP tab to stdin and this program outputs comma seperated value file containing IP Address, Assignment Type, Lease Time, Host Name, Last Used, Lease Expiration, and MAC Address, optionally just containing a specified assignment type. Dates are converted to MM/DD/YY HH:MM for importation to Excel etc.Will also identify MAC vendor codes and add them to the CSV for each device. [download source]
  • mpcstick is Aaron Bockover's client for Music Player Daemon which allows track control from a joystick. I extended it to allow control from the ATI Remote Wonder USB RF Remote in conjunction with the ati_remote module in Linux 2.6. You can get the original and my modified version from Aaron's site. [link] and you can get the hardware from linitx.com (UK)
Java Documents Old RISC OS Stuff
  • FreeTerm - Freeware VT52/VT102 telnet client [info] [download]
  • N-Connect - Amstrad Notepad Computer to RISC OS communication and file conversion software (includes ProText conversion application). Once sold by SENLAC and 20-20, now free :) [info] [download]
  • Z-Link II - Cambridge Computers Z88 to RISC OS file transfer package. Once sold by Really Good Software, now free! [download]
  • RISC OS Encheferizer - Freeware port or John Hagerman's Encheferizer [info] [download]
  • Lipsum Upgrade - StrongARM upgrade for Lipsum, published by Acorn User ages ago.[info] [download]
  • LinkCheck - simple CLI utility for ensuring a TCP/IP host can be contacted (useful in preventing long delays when OmniClient tries to mount hosts that are down). Freeware. [info] [download]
  • nbench - quick port of nbench-byte-2.1, i.e. BYTE's benchmarking tool to RISC OS. 32 bit compliant. Freeware. [info] [download]

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