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This is my final year project I completed as part of my Computer Science course at Brunel University which was supervised by Dr. Simon J. Taylor. Having served it's purpose in getting me a degree, it seemed a shame to leave so much work rotting on a library shelf in Uxbridge, so I decided to make it available to anyone who may be interested in it via the web.

What was the project?

The project was the research into and implementation of an "Intelligent" Internet Search Engine, which would analyse documents and index them by the results of this analysis. The result was a fast, compact prototype written in C, which included the full database back end rather than using some bulky DBMS.

What does it include?

  • A survey of existing search engines at the time of writing
  • A description of the general mechanisms behind a search engine
  • A summary of searching, hashing, querying, weighting, indexing and other information retrieval techniques
  • Database methods and algorithms documentation including selection of appropriate hashing techniques
  • Evaluation metrics for search engines
  • Full design of prototype
  • Implementation description of prototype
  • Testing and metrics of prototype
  • Evaluation and profiling
  • Source code
  • Proposed future work
  • Timing methods for multiple processes using shared memory
  • Glossary and bibliography


The project is in two parts :
  • Part 1 - literature review, techniques etc.
  • Part 2 - design, implementation and testing of prototype.

Both are in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 to view them. Get Acrobat Reader

The material remains © 2000 Antony Richard Howat. Please use it for your own edification, and respect my work.

Contact me!

Please do contact me at the usual e-mail address if this work interests you, bearing in mind that it's a couple of years old ;-)

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